The personalized writing course you've been looking for.

Spend eight weeks with Steve and Dani getting hands-on feedback as you plan, write, and revise the best short story you've ever written. 



An intensive for intermediate and advanced writers ready to take the next step.

By the end of camp, you'll have a polished, professional short story to add to your bookshelf and resume.


The first two weeks are dedicated to building your foundation, honing your skills, and developing a solid framework for your story.


The next three weeks focus on writing your first draft. You'll get feedback on your manuscript from your instructors as you write.


In the final weeks, you'll learn about rewriting versus editing and we'll coach you through revising your second draft. 


Once you have a polished short story, it's time to talk publication. We'll walk you through the process step-by-step.


So. Much. Feedback.

Get ready to experience the most critique-filled course Writing Academy has to offer.

  • Personal video messages, about the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement in each and every writing assignment or sample you submit.

  • Notes and comments, left by your instructors in every writing assignment and sample to illustrate our feedback and suggestions on your work.

  • A line-by-line edit of your revised draft, which ensures your short story is publication-ready by the end of camp.

  • A one-on-one call with your instructor, to go over the line-edits to your manuscript and a final critique of your almost-finished product.

What am I going to write?

During this camp, you'll structure, write, revise, and prepare to publish a 1,000 to 7,500 word short story.

What genres can I write?

Tell me more about all the feedback!

You are going to get A LOT of personalized feedback! You'll get:

  • A personal video message for each writing assignment you submit (4-8 preparatory assignments, 3 early drafts)
  • Notes and comments within every writing assignment
  • Written answers to all your questions in the discussion areas
  • A complete line-edit of your revised draft
  • A 30-minute, one-on-one call with one of your instructors at the end of class to go over the critique and line-edits on your story

What if I would prefer a written critique of my second draft?

Where am I going to publish?

Tell me more about these options...


Tell Me More About this Anthology...

Does this mean I am a published author?

Being published in the Writing Academy Anthology does indeed mean you are a published author! You can list this on your writing resume.

What happens to the copyright of my short story?

Am I going to make any money?

Am I guaranteed to be published?

What are your editorial guidelines?

What happens if I don't meet the editorial guidelines?

What if I decide I don't want my work published?


Here's what our previous students have to say...

Ingrine Lyle

Author, "The Man for the Job"

Fall 2020


I’ve tried many writing courses, but the Writing Academy’s Short Story Bootcamp enabled me to fulfill my dream of publishing a well-written short story.


The instruction is clear and concise from idea generation to polished manuscript. No weeding through pages of material to uncover useful examples. Never have I gone through the process so smoothly. Steve and Dani are patient and answer questions with insightful responses.


Short Story Bootcamp is an online course with an in-person feel. Real-time responses from both instructors and fellow students, in-depth video critiques, and a one-on-one video chat make this course a one-of-a-kind mentorship at an economical price. Well worth the time and money spent.

Nicki Boyd

Author, "Rattled"

Winter 2021

This is the best course I've ever taken because I had one-on-one the whole way through. You are a wonder! 


I love [the edits] so much it brought tears to my eyes when I got to the end. You have that uncanny ability to build on my words and ideas and make them ten times better without changing the meaning. You rearrange them somehow that makes them shine and you make them flow easily into the story. 


The story is everything I hoped it would be and more.


Thank you for all your help. I appreciate it so much and I’ve learned tons from this course with you and Steve.

References and Worksheets

At the end of the course, get a printable version of the camp to use for reference. Return to the quizzes and worksheets whenever you need a refresher or to work through beginning a new project.

Curriculum: Lessons and Assignments

Plan, Write, Revise, & Publish

  • Week 1 - Craft Skills


    Learn and practice specific writing techniques while brainstorming your short story idea.


    • Introductions
    • Brainstorming
      Assignment: Defining Your Story
    • Character Development
      Assignment: Getting to Know Your Protagonist
    • Scenes and Sequels
      Assignment: Write a Scene and Sequel



    Dive deeper into specific techniques to improve your craft and practice what you've learned.


    • Settings
      Assignment (optional): Describe Your Protagonist’s Home
    • Dialogue
      Assignment (optional): Write a Dialogue Scene
    • Beginnings and Endings
      Assignment (optional): Your Story’s Beginning and Ending
  • Week 2 - Preparation


    Master the nine story structure checkpoints that guide stories from beginning to end and apply them to your short story.


    • Plot vs. Story
    • Three Act Structure
    • Deep Dive: Act 1
    • Deep Dive: Act 2
    • Deep Dive: Act 3
      Assignment: Create the Checkpoints for Your Short Story
      Assignment (optional): Revise and Resubmit
  • Week 3 - Writing Act 1

    Write your first act.


    • Viewpoint and Tense
      Assignment: Write the First Draft of Your Act 1
  • Week 4 - Writing Act 2

    Write your second act.


    • Conflict
      Assignment: Write the First Draft of Your Act 2
  • Week 5 - Writing Act 3

    Write your third act.


    • Getting to Know Yourself as a Writer
      Assignment: Write the First Draft of Your Act 3


  • Revising

    Take what you've learned from writing your first draft and the notes you've gotten along the way and revise your short story.


    • Rewriting
    • Editing: Writing Big
    • Editing: Writing Well
      Assignment: Revise Your Short Story
  • Critique

    By now, you'll have gotten multiple critiques from your instructors. But learning how to give a good critique is almost as important for your long term career.   


    • How to be a Good Critique Partner
      Assignment: Critique a Peer's Revised Story
  • What Happens Next


    Your instructors will review your revision and make line edits. Then, you will schedule time one-on-one with us to go over the final critique.



    After reviewing the line edits with your instructor, revise again and submit your final draft for publication in the Writing Academy Anthology.



    After class is over,  join a private Facebook group just for your cohort.



Short Story Writing

Boot Camp

Get one-on-one, personalized feedback on your writing and take the next step to becoming a published author.




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